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A Clothing Guide for Winter Hunting

Hunting during winter is way easier than the other seasons. First, you will see the animal tracks on the snow. Second, if you manage to injure your game, the blood trails will be visible. Third, white will be the dominant environmental color, which is a condition that you can exploit by wearing a white camouflage suit. You will appear invisible to most animals. Four, there are no annoying bug bites during winter. You can stalk your target without having to deal with mosquitoes and flies.

Now that you have realized the advantages you can have if you hunt during winter, we can discuss the necessary hunting attires for that purpose.

The Boots

all terrain bootsYour body heats will quickly escape if you do not wear a proper pair of boots. And once you are cold, your focus will get distracted. Besides, you need to maintain your body heat during winter hunting because you can experience hypothermia, a condition that can be fatal.

A hunting trip can take one full day or even several days. And your boots must withstand that pressure. Otherwise, you can end up with cold feet and give up your game. Therefore, durability, material’s strength, and insulation quality are three primary factors to look for from a pair of hunting boots.

Also, you want your feet to be dry all the time. Not only does a wet foot hinder your tracking progress, but it will also emit a smell that can warn your games to avoid you. Tech brands like UltraDry and ScentBan have provided hunters with an ultimate solution of waterproofing and scent sealing.

The Hunting Outfit

a woman with a hunting rifleA pro hunter will know the importance of blending his/her appearance with the environment. And one way to achieve that purpose is by selecting the right hunting outfit.

For winter hunting, your outfit must consist of at least three layers: the base, insulation, and outer layer. Your base layer must be a shirt you find most comfortable and sweat-resistant. Field Supply, Sierra Trading post, Moosejaw, and Under Armour have the best deals for base layer shirts.

For your second layer, you can wear a jacket, sweatshirt, or vest. You need this clothing to insulate your body heat. Therefore, materials like polyester and wool are your best option.

And for the third layer, you need a coat that can resist wind and water. Moreover, pay attention to the motifs too. You want your outer layer to conceal you from your games, not to make you look stand out from the natural environment.

Gloves and Face Masks

hunting with glovesTo some people, exposed hands can make them vulnerable to hypothermia. If you have the same weakness, you should invest your money in the best hunting gloves. Also, if you like to hunt in the deepest part of the woods, then you can consider buying a pair of cut-resistant gloves. They can protect your hands from sharp twigs and splinters too.

Face-masks are necessary if the cold weather is unforgiving. If you need one, you have to pick the one that can fit perfectly with your head. Besides, the material should not cause any discomforts to your face because you want the mask to be your protection, not a distraction.…