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Fashion Trends to Watch in 2018

Each new year brings with it new fashion trends. What fabrics, silhouettes, concepts and colors will reign supremacy in 2018? Don’t stress yourself with this question; we have got you covered. Here is a collection of the fashion trend to expect in 2018.

Denim on Denim

Jeans are a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe. Denim on denim is one tricky trend to pull off successfully. As a result, many people love taking the challenge. Expect to see more people wearing different colors and washes altogether. Even designers like Raf Simons are also expected to show this trend on the runway. Patches and darker shades of denim are also something you should expect to trend in 2018



This extra soft to touch fabric is one to look out for this year and not for the cold months only. Although velvet is normally reserved for holiday seasons and fall, expect to see it all year round. For Spring it will be softer and neutral blazers as well as stretchy camis and slip dresses. Avoidance of velvet in summer will be a thing of the past.


Whether you love this or hate it, expect to see more see-through clothing, shoes, and bags. As already seen, Karl Lagerfeld dressed the models in plastic bucket huts, plastic bombers, as well as plastic boots. This trend of plastic in different shades will be around all year.

plastic shoes

Ultra Violet

As announced by Pantone, Ultraviolet will be 2018’s Color of the year. This color has already been featured in some Spring 2018 runways such as Voltaire. More shades of lilac and lavender are expected to bring a softer and romantic feel to this color. From Easter eggs shades for summer and spring to muted dusty tones for spring and fall, expect to see more of this color being incorporated into celebrities’ wardrobes.

Big Floral Prints

Long gone are the days when floral prints were reserved for table clothes, bed sheets and the old. Florals are no longer outdated and dowdy. 2018 will have florals in large as well as bold prints. The increase in the floral sizes gives a fashion-forward and modern touch to the print.

floral dress

Ladies’ Suits

Women have become more empowered as gender line has become more blurred. Expect to see more women in suits. The cultural movements of empowering women will certainly have a huge influence on 2018’s fashion trends. More and more powerful women are embracing suits, and soon enough the term men’s wear will no longer be fit for a suit.


This fabric has already dominated the runways. Expect to see more satin blouses and dresses in the fashion industry. The fabric has a soft feel, thus we expect it to trend even after 2018.

Embrace these and find ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Remain trendy!…